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Drama Department

The HVC Drama Department offers an enriching program that provides students with the skills and techniques necessary to pursue a career in acting. Our program is designed for students aged eight and up, with levels of study including performance techniques, character development, scene study, improvisation, writing and directing. Each class offers a collaborative environment where teachers and students work together to bring the written word to life. Our classes also offer a look into production aspects of the theatre, involving students in the "behind the scenes" process of sets, costumes, lighting and sound, as well as theatre management. All classes take place in our 180 seat black box theatre which allows for several performance opportunities throughout the year. As students move into higher levels, they are exposed to more advanced comtemporary as well as classical plays, providing them the chance to grow as performers. Additional classes, such as stage combat, are offered to expand their theatre knowledge. These classes culminate with end of the year performances in the New Rose Theatre, allowing the general public to share in what the students have learned that year.

Drama I

This is our beginner drama class which introduces students to the theatre. Students learn basic theatre terminology, stage direction, how to create monologues, dialogues and the beginnings of scene study.

Drama II

Drama II goes over the basics of theatre, while continuing to learn stage craft and scene development.

Drama III

This class level begins to look at improvisation and the development of creating scenes. There is a large focus on writing original works.

Drama IV

Drama IV begins a focus of scene study and development. Students will explore different works with emphasis on contemporary and original works.

Drama V

As our highest level class, Drama V explores the more classic works of theatre, focusing on character growth and development. This class allows students to really explore literary works to their own interpretation and discuss approaches to creating characters, focusing on emotional and stage techniques. Drama V students are required to take stage combat.

Stage Combat

This class allows students to learn and perfect stage fighting techniques from hand to hand combat to fencing. A great experience for serious students in pursuit of an acting career.