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Dance Department

Dance students are encouraged to explore the creative as well as the technical aspects of each of the disciplines. Students are grouped according to their dance ability, although younger and older students are seperated where appropriate. Young dancers have classes in ballet, jazz and tap as well as intro to hip hop. While discipline is encouraged, a sense of fun and creativity is also a part of the learning experience. Older students are offered classes in all of the above as well as modern.Our rigorous curriculum strives to create well rounded dancers that are prepared to enter the professional world of dance. Our teachers take the time to work with each student to help them reach their full potential. If requested, teachers will also assist students with audition pieces. At the end of the year, students will participate in a culminating performance. Our shows are fun and original productions with a storyline such as The Last Unicorn, Under the Tree and the Wizard of Oz. Our dancers are also invited to audition for showcase productions in the New Rose Theatre. Past productions include Cinderella, Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty.


The training is based on Russian methods. Ballet is the technical base of all forms of dance and is essential to the proficiency of a young dancer.


Our training is contemporary and musical theatre based. Older students recieve training from different teachers to ensure a wide variety of styles. This allows them to be a more versatile performer in the professional world of dance.


Our tap training is standard American tap. Older students are introduced to other styles such as rhythm tap and improvisations as well.

Hip Hop:

Younger students are taught basic dance techniques along with being exposed to the latest Hip Hop Styles, while still remaining age appropriate. the class for older students also includes basic dance techniques, although we strongly suggest our students also take a ballet or jazz class to help with the more technical aspects of dance.


A combination of Ballet, Jazz and Modern technique and principals, this class stresses a strong technical foundation. Proper body alignment, strength and transitional phrasing are taught in order to build a well-rounded dancer. Students are encourage to work within their own abilities, increasing body awareness and the potential to prepare their bodies to execute movement to its fullest range of motion. This class is both physically and athletically challenging with movement dynamics ranging from lyrical to percussive. by building a strong foundation a dancer is free to explore personal style and freedom.